Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Dan aku berdiri. Melihat diri sendiri, atas bawah kiri kanan. Semua serba tak kena.

Then, I'm thinking, whether this is the right path?

I don't feel like I should stay here. The feelings are not the same like when I first stepped into this space, 3 years ago.

The love that once there, it's almost disappeared. Or it's gone? Now I'm doubting on the words that I use. Am I giving myself false hope?

I feel like my presence is such a burden to the surrounding. I'm bad at work. I'm bad at writing. I'm bad at talking. 

I should not whine. And I should not even write about this. But there it goes.

Now I'm thinking, what if i am a someone else? What if? 

*kalau bercakap tentang 'kalau', babi pun boleh terbang*

The mist of doubtness is clouding all over the place. Hence, the judgement, the mentality, the acts.

What am I?

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